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How to Use the Secret Law of Attraction
Nonverbal Communication Skills for Greater Understanding
How to Resolve Conflict and Increase Cooperation
How to Partner with Customers, Engage Your Team and Realize Your Vision
How to Create More Loyalty in a Dynamic, Competitive Marketplace
How to Gain the Attention You Need to Succeed in Any Economy
How to Tap Your Full Potential and Realize Your Dreams
How to Double Your Sales & Double Your Income


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5 Winning Strategies for Staying Ahead of the Competition
How to Use Purpose, Passion & Process to Live Your Dreams
Six Ways to Bring More Happiness to Your Personal and Professional Life
Rock-Solid Strategies for Knowing What to Say in Any Situation
Non-Traditional Techniques That Boost Your Bottom Line
How to Handle Even the Roughest Relationships
How to Transform Your Real Life into Your Dream Life
Branding Strategies That Keep You in the Heads and Hearts of Your Customers


I’ve been in management for 15 years and only wish I had learned some of these ideas sooner…Great content!

Mark Reimer

Every seminar I’ve watched so far has delivered at least one great idea! Totally worth the small investment…

Mary Fawkner

The seminars are exciting, fun to watch, and really informative! I’ve never seen content like this anywhere else…

Samarian Hill

Very impressed with these seminars. I know they're going to help me increase sales this year, probably by a lot!

John Cooper

We watch and talk about these programs as a team every month, and the benefits are huge!

Holly Morgan

Many of us in customer service believe we know everything, however, these videos reminded us of the fundamentals…

Monique Goode

As a busy entrepreneur, Seminars On Demand has become my “go-to” resource for easy access to ongoing training…

Lisa Bell

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Step 2: Team members submit their best ideas to leadership and how they will use them to increase productivity.

Step 3: The team collaborates (virtually or in person) each month to discuss the best ideas, Leadership asks team members with the best ideas to share with the group.

Repeat this 3-step plan monthly to boost productivity, increase motivation, and create a new energy around the idea of continuous learning.


Vision to Payoff
Alan Zimmerman

This engaging program reveals exactly what it takes to manifest your ultimate happiness and create lasting success. These principles apply to every aspect of your life, from improving your personal relationships to skyrocketing your business. Be sure to watch for From Vision to Payoff coming soon.


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Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is one of America’s leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward their peak performance.