How to Lighten Up, Have More Fun & Create a Better Culture

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Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn is regarded as a leading expert on the subject of attitude. In addition to being featured in numerous TV talk shows and radio programs, he is the author of several success and inspirational books. Sam was also named Speaker of the Year by Meetings and Events Magazine, as well as Meeting Professionals International. But finding success wasn’t an easy path for Sam. At one point he was negative, broke, depressed, homeless and worked odd jobs to get by. Sam’s attitude was... Read More

So I start talking to people, and we found five primary things about the topic of attitude that these companies understand. Here they are. This is what they understand:

Number one, your attitude is either in the way or it’s making a way. Your attitude is either working for you or it’s working against you. Your attitude is either connecting you with others or it’s disconnecting. They all agree with this, that it all starts with attitude first. What? Everything. There has to be a starting point to something, and it has to start somewhere, and it starts with attitude.

These organizations, they understand that teamwork starts with attitude. Leadership starts with attitude. Success, relationships, customer service, maintenance, safety, every one of these people they understand that if there’s going to be a starting point, it has to start somewhere, and it’s got to be attitude. If the attitude ain’t right, nothing’s right.

Here’s the fifth thing. That is number five, right? Okay, good. One person to join in; good, glad you’re here, dad. The fifth thing is they understand that in order for your attitude to be right you’ve got to get it right. You have to take time to refuel, recharge your attitude batteries. You can’t keep going on full speed when your tank is on empty, when your batteries are running low. So those are the five things they really understand. So today what I’m going to do is I’m going to talk to you….

I was at a networking event, and at a networking event your goal is to what? Impress. But you have to learn to laugh at yourself because you are your best source of all humor. So I was chewing some gum, and I wanted to get a drink. I put the gum down in my napkin. I went over. I got a drink. I’m drinking my bottle of water, and then all of the sudden—I don’t know if you have allergies; I have allergies—my nose is kind of itching, so I’m not going to sit there with my hand and be swiping at my nose. Want to shake hands? Let’s do business. No.

So you try to do the etiquette, eloquent thing. I’ve got to be professional. So I reach over and I grab the tissue with the gum in it. Didn’t even realize it, wasn’t thinking. I put it up to my nose really fast, and I don’t even know how to explain how it went down; but the gum was in the right nasal passage. My brain is just like, try to get out of this one.

There is no eloquent way to pull sugar-free gum from your nasal cavity. So I thought, okay, how do I do this? So I go like this, and it strings out. You just see a group of people just standing there like, look at this guy; we need to invite him to all the networking events. I didn’t know what to do. I had to grab my second hand, and I’m sitting there like this. Some lady looks over. She gives me that gross look like that is disgusting. I’m like, could you lend me your hand? It’s not what you think.

How many of you know somebody a little bit uptight? Don’t point. If you don’t choose to lighten up, fiber can help. If you didn’t laugh at that, yeah, that’s for you definitely.