How to Turn Contacts into Advocates

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Shawna Schuh

About the Trainer – Shawna Schuh Shawna Schuh is an extraordinary storyteller, who works with corporations and associations to develop environments that help people bring their best selves to the work they do. She graduated from finishing school three times (ask her about that one some time) and taught finishing and fashion, as well as commercial work and interviewing skills, for over two decades. (She started out really young!) Shawna addresses communication and motivation, all forms of... Read More

Now here’s the challenge though. I have got so much information and a lot of it I don’t apply. Anybody else? So, no matter what we’re talking about today, I want it to be one thing. If it is a change of mindset, then I’ve even done a better job. Because if all it is, is techniques, you’ve missed a deeper piece, then you just are going to be a contact and maybe that’s a good thing to be, but if you want advocates, you’ve got to go one step below. You’ve got to give them something that they feel is so valuable, that they then say, I ought to tell everybody else about it. So what are those things? By the way, I believe if your appearance is a present, it needs to be well done. It needs to be ironed or it needs to be pressed, would you agree? I also believe that if your appearance is a present, you should make sure that it is attractive to the other person, which means usually color is more attractive than pure black or pure white. Now, we’ve had a lot of people talk about this and it’s interesting. I’m in a white shirt and I have a black skirt on. Do you see that or what do you see? You see blue. So I’m not telling you not to wear black and not to wear white. What I’m telling you is that put color somewhere. Put it in your tie, if that’s what you’re doing, something that has color. Put it in the shirt that you’re wearing underneath it. For women… Look at your business practices. Now, I told you before that, that gal that was doing the rubberstamp company and the one that was also looking at the luggage, both of them were doing what the leadership said to do, would you agree? Probably they’d gotten whacked at the airport by letting them go over. So she was what? Really doing her job. She wasn’t going to take any graciousness from me. She wasn’t going to be nice to me at all because her job depended on making sure that they were at 5.00. It had to be. So she was just following along with orders. The other gal, whether it’s $5.00 or whether it’s $500.00, she’s going to put a bow on it, yes? The difference in those two philosophies is one is going to get opponents and one is going to get advocates. Now I’m asking you to look at your companies. Where are the onlys, where are the just’s, where are the things that you are saying within your teams and how are you catching them? So when you say, “Only for paying customers,” you’re immediately saying that I can’t come in. Here’s another thing. A friend of mine… Do you know that one of the techniques I use is this; before I go into any meeting; before I go into any presentation; before you go to lunch with somebody you should set an intent and maybe the intent is not to sell them something.