Leadership, Service & Teamwork Strategies for Creating Sustainable Success

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Scott Deming

About the Trainer – Scott Deming Scott Deming is an internationally sought-after speaker, business trainer and bestselling author of The Brand Who Cried Wolf. As a leading authority on the topics of teamwork, customer service, and brand building, Scott has been interviewed on national television and radio shows, and his work has been featured in major print publications including Newsweek, Entrepreneur and INC Magazine. As president of his own company, Scott Deming has won numerous... Read More

Emotional branding, which is what we’re talking about today, EQ, EQ, Emotional Quotient. Not IQ, EQ. Emotional branding is the reason why your customers evangelize you. Let me put this a little differently because this is the crux of my program. A powerful, emotional, one-of-a-kind, unexpected brand will turn a typical customer into a raving lunatic loyal evangelist for life. Emotional branding boosts profits. It increases customer retention. It decreases customer acquisitions costs, marketing and advertising. It builds your bottom line. You can’t be successful – I don’t care who you are or where you live, what you do, it doesn’t matter – you can’t be successful without a powerful emotional brand. It’s not going to happen. So what exactly is emotional branding. It’s an emotional connection a person has with another person, or with an entire organization. Based on what? Based on an experience. Based on a one-of-a-kind, where did that come from, I never thought possible emotional experience. Let me show you what I’m talking about. I’m going to do something very unexpected right now. Want me to surprise you? Now, this is a true story with a happy ending but it has one huge inherent problem and here’s what it is, and it runs rampant in companies all sizes across every industry. I don’t care if you have 50,000 or five employees. You can’t have some people working at Micheline’s level. Just offset issues from this dope working at this level. You’ll never grow your brand. One person in a thousand will destroy your brand. You’ve got to get everybody. How in the world do 750 something people work at that level? Here’s how. That director, do you know what she does? She brings somebody in and she goes, “Micheline, I hired you because I fell in love with you.” She goes, “I trust you. You’re brilliant, you’re good, you’re smart. I know you’re going to make mistakes. Don’t worry about it. Don’t burn the building down; but you know what, you do what’s best for the customer. That’s all we can ask of you.” She inspires, impassions and empowers. That other director, that manager in that store – which by the way he’s no longer there. By the way, I called corporate headquarters… How can you shatter my expectation if you don’t know what it is? How can you even meet my expectation if you don’t know what it is? Don’t send out a survey. You’re not going to get real results back. People aren’t honest. They fill them out just to get rid of them. Most of them don’t fill them out anyway. Ask them. Say, “Look, kill me. I’ve got a thick skin. You can’t hurt my feelings. What are you expecting? I want to make sure that I surprise you. I want to make sure that I excite you.” This is what we need to do. Take them from here to here. Here’s how most companies work. I’ve been around the McKenzie’s, and I’ve been around the big focus groups, and I’ve been on boards of directors. Here’s what management does. Man, they get together. They do research and focus groups and phone surveys and here’s what they say, “Let’s figure out what the customer wants and let’s figure out a way to get it to them.” That’s not 100% wrong but it’s not 100% right. If all we ever do is give the customer what they want, you’re not doing anything special. We expect to get what we want. Think about this, please. When you go to a store or to a restaurant, do you not expect to get what you went for, yes? Okay. Now let’s say you go to a store or to a restaurant and you don’t get what you went for. Are you disappointed? “Geez, I came all this way and you don’t have it. My God.” Let’s say you go to a store or to a restaurant and they gave you exactly what you went for. Are you blown away? No, you wouldn’t go, right? I mean you wouldn’t drive all the way out there if you weren’t expecting to get it; unless they blow you away with the process. In another study within two weeks across all industries, people forget the name of the people and the place that they bought their stuff from. Two weeks! They may remember what they paid for it, but they can’t remember the name of the person they dealt with. That’s because service is transactional. That’s all it is, transactional. Here’s where the magic happens. This is it. This is the magic. If you blow them away with a process… Everything, everything begins with empathy. Here’s a secret to life. Change your perspective. Change your perspective. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself a question. “If I were that person looking at me right now, first of all, what is that person going through?” What kind of day did this person have? They’re short with me and instead of saying what a jerk, what happened? Empathy. Now, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself this question. “If I were that person looking at me, what would I love from me?” What would I love? Not what I’m expecting. You know what they’re expecting. You know what customers are expecting when they walk in your door. What would I love from this person if I were this customer?