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HOW TO MAKE EVERY DAY A TERRIFIC DAY Training Video • Seminars On Demand


Proven Life Skills for Creating Balance, Happiness, and a Positive Mental Attitude

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Ed Foreman

About the Trainer – Ed Foreman Every day, Ed Foreman lives the message of health, wealth and happiness he teaches around the world. As a dynamic business entrepreneur and active civic leader, Ed has developed numerous programs and products and persuasively “sells” the success formula he lives by. Ed was born on a farm in New Mexico, and made his first million by the time he was 26. He was elected to Congress at the age of 28, and is the only person in the 20th century to have... Read More

Now how does a positive person respond?  Well, they say, well that’s right, back to the drawing board.  There’s more than one way for us to market that product.  We’ll find out another way to do it.  What happens it, they have developed a positive habit pattern response to life.  Now how did they develop those habit pattern responses?  Primarily by the thoughts that they put into their mind.  For instance, what do you read when you don’t have to read?  Do you memorize the newspaper from cover to cover when you first get up-all the murders, wars, and rapes that happened the night before?  Or do you read something a little bit more positive and uplifting, like a good self-help book.

What do you listen to on the radio when you don’t have to listen?  Do you listen to the cheatin and drinkin and somebody done somebody wrong songs..I’m not good without you anyhow, baby?  You know what you get when you play a country western music record backwards.  You get your wife back, your dog back, your pickup back, and your momma don’t get run over by a train.  I heard one here awhile back and it says, “I’m so miserable since you left baby, it’s almost like you were still here.”  Can you imagine how much positivity comes out of that kind of negativity?  Have you heard the one that says, “It’s hard to kiss the lips at night that chew your ass out all day long.”  Now there might be some psychology in that.  It’s hard for employees to love an employer who’s on their back all the time.  It’s hard for children to love and respect a parent who is complaining and gripping and criticizing all day long.