Proven Strategies to OutThink, OutDo & OutSell Your Competition

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Jeff Blackman

About the Trainer – Jeff Blackman Jeff Blackman is a highly sought-after Hall of Fame speaker, best-selling author (Stop Whining! Start Selling!, Peak Your Profits!, RESULT$ and Opportunity $elling), success coach, broadcast personality and lawyer. Jeff travels the world training individuals and major corporations such as Fed Ex, Kodak, AT&T, and Coldwell Banker. His clients call him a “business-growth specialist” because his ideas yield tangible results, fast! Now,... Read More

Unique selling proposition has got five distinct factors, and you see them there. What most people attempt to do is to persuade through a statement. That’s fine, but I’m going to give you a far better way. I’m going to give you a far better way because it’s focused on one simple question. It is a killer app question. Are you ready?

What’s the biggest frustration you have with our industry? What’s the biggest frustration you have with our industry? When you ask people about the frustrations they have with the industry, they’re in essence telling you the frustrations they have with whom? Your competitors, your competitors. So the key is to find out how you can eliminate their what? Frustrations. Sounds too simple, but it ain’t. It’s deceptively simple, which is what makes it so incredibly powerful. Now, tonight if you and….

Now, how you are going to generate these great relationships with others is going to be based upon the statements you make or the questions that you ask, which? It’s the questions. That’s not what most people do. Most people when given the opportunity to sell or persuade, what do they do? They talk about whom? Themselves.

Let me tell you all about us. We’ve got 135,000-square-foot warehouse facility. We’ve got nine distribution centers located throughout the United States. Soon we’re going to be headed north to Canada, south to Mexico. We’re then going to cross the pond. We are going overseas. We will soon be in three continents, four planets, and five universes. We are really cool. Does anybody care? No, it’s drivel.

So what do you do? You’ve got to ask questions, but what kind? Really good ones. What do I call them? They are called Power Probes. A Power Probe is an open-ended need development question. It cannot be answered yay or nay. Yay/nay questions are fine for qualification purposes, but what they don’t do is they don’t go to the gut, the emotionality, as well as the logic as to why somebody wants to accomplish something, to improve their condition or attain a more favorable future.

Now, the Power Probe that you ask should be one, two, or three types. Number one, what problem do you hope to solve? Number two, what need do you hope to fill, or number three, what dream or goal do you hope to attain? Problem solve, need fill, dream or goal get. If one of those three does not exist, you probably do not have a prospect. At best you’ve got a suspect. How much time do you spend with suspects….

Jot down this word please, saber, saber, saber. You need to have the right skills. Skills are absolutely crucial. Those are tools for success. Then you can couple skills with A. What do you think the A stands for? Attitude. Skills plus attitude will help drive B, which is what? Behavior. So you couple skills with attitude. Along with behavior that allows you to do the E, which is execute with excellence.

So you’ve got skills, attitude and behavior to execute with excellence. That allows you to then generate the R, which is what? Results based upon relationships that will help you drive revenue, which allows you to also reap rewards. Skills, attitude, behavior, execution with excellence to drive results-relationships; results, revenue, rewards. Have I explained that well?