Part One - Building Customer Loyalty, Part Two - Needs Analysis Selling

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Don Hutson

About the Trainer – Don Hutson Don Hutson’s careers in speaking, management and sales have brought him many honors. He successfully worked his way through the University of Memphis, graduating with a degree in Sales. After becoming the #1 salesperson in a national training organization, he established his own training firm and shortly thereafter was in demand as a professional speaker. Since then Don has addressed over two-thirds of the Fortune 500 Companies and is featured in over 100... Read More

You know rejection can be tough for some salespeople.  I have to ask the question, what kind of grade do you give yourself on resilience?  When you are rejected, how fast do you bounce back?  I contend the highest performing salespeople are the men and the women who when they get rejected, they go right back out and immediately make another sales call, absolutely unphased by the rejection.  They don’t let anybody quarterback them out of their confidence and the belief they’ve got in their product or service.  They’re out there selling with great enthusiasm and they don’t linger for a minute in the process.  That’s the way the great ones do it and everyone of those great ones get their share of rejection.  Don’t you ever believe they don’t, because friends, I am unswervingly convinced that the only way you can earn the right to get a yes is selling is you’ve got to go through the no’s first.  If you don’t go through the no’s, you have not earned the right to experience the yes’.  People say, “Okay, how many no’s do I have to go through?”  That’s the reason why I want you to keep up with your closing percentage.  I don’t know how many no’s you’ve got to go through, but I hope you know how many you’ve got to go through.  It is easy for us to stay self-motivated if we know exactly what the numbers dictate that we’ve got to do to go make a sale.  Then there are no big question marks.  It’s the people with all of those big question marks that let the erosion of their confidence come forth and they think, “Oh, I don’t want to talk to anybody the rest of the day.  I hate it the way I got rejected there.  I might not want to talk to anybody the rest of the week.  A couple of careers perhaps, but I certainly don’t want to talk to anybody the rest of the day.  Why do you think movies are open in the daytime?  Their for salespeople who’ve just been rejected.  I know cause I’ve been seeing them there for years.  That’s where I met Jim 10 years ago. Hey, don’t let rejection get you down.  Let’s stay resilient.  Let’s stay eager about needs analysis.  That’s what’s going to keep us going.  Creating goal congruence, figuring out where people are coming from.  What’s their dominant buying motive, what do they think, how do they feel, what are their priorities, what are their issues?  They better job we do of discovery, the more we will understand all of that and learn how to sell them. Hey, you know what; there’s going to be roadblocks.  It’s not going to be easy.  If it was easy, the whole world would be doing it.  Everybody would do it.  There’s always roadblocks.  Now you’ve got a choice.  You could either sit around and let someone else move that roadblock for you or you can go under it, around it, or through it because no matter what you do in your life, there’s always going to be roadblocks.