• Humor tools for creating more joy everywhere you go
  • Strategies for lowering stress by shifting your perception
  • Keys to improving your mood through the humor response
  • Attitude principles that create more joy in the now
  • Reframing to overcome adversity and negative thinking


Whether you are already full of joy or could use a bit of lightening up, this fast-paced, entertaining seminar will captivate you from beginning to end. Dave Caperton, “The Joy Strategist,” walks you through the keys to joyfully disrupting your status quo, increasing your happiness, decreasing your stress and bringing more joy to every day of your life. You’ll discover how joyful people invent their own reality by expressing gratitude, creating more laughter and shifting their focus. You’ll also learn how to reframe negative events so that your mind stays more positive even when facing adversity. Whether you want to lighten up situations at work or create more harmony at home, this program delivers lots of easy-to-implement ideas.

Dave Caperton

Besides being a professional speaker, author, and joy specialist, Dave Caperton has been a performance consultant, an award-winning educator, a radio personality, a stand-up comedian, a comedy writer and an executive coach. He travels all over the US and Canada sharing practical strategies for helping people live and work with intentional joy. Dave has presented his ideas to over 700 major organizations. In fact, his client list is loaded with iconic organizations such as Boeing,... Read More