Supercharge Your Mind to Instantly Recall Names, Ideas & Information

Running Time: 1:56



Blaine Athorn

About the Trainer – Blaine Athorn Blaine Athorn is one of America’s foremost memory training speakers. As president and founder of The Memory Training Institute, Blaine has been teaching professionals, as well as students, how to use their minds more efficiently to instantly recall names, dates, ideas, and other important information with success. Equipped with these critical thinking and learning skills, people experience greater focus, enhanced memories, more creative thinking in... Read More

How many of you would agree with me that if you lost your memory entirely it would negatively impact every facet of your life?  It’s a true statement.  Therefore, here’s the good news, you’re not going to lose your memory.  Not if I have anything to do about it.  You and I are going to lock arms and we are going to create some goals.  And that goal is we are going to begin the process of dramatically boosting your memory power.  But if you and I have already agreed that losing your memory would negatively impact almost every facet of your life, improving your memory has to do well.  Positively influence almost every facet of your life.  In the information age that we live in now, we are bombarded with information.  We are on the information super highway.  It’s a we have to weave more than people had too years ago.  We are getting exposed to more on the news.  We are having more pressures around us in terms of environmental pressures, social pressures.  The pace at which we live is so much faster than it was even 20, 40, 50 years ago.  Yet, you’re enslaved or entrapped into using learning methods that quite frankly are antiquated.  We’re using learning methods people were using hundreds of years ago, which is called rope memory or memory by repetition.  So what we are going to do is just like we updated our technology, just like the computer at work that is three years old and it’s already obsolete, we have to upgrade the computer between our ears.  The software between our ears to keep pace with today’s society. Now I am going to give you a little glimpse into the future.  This is what you are going to be like by the time you concluded this program.  You’ll have the knowledge, the foundation, to be able to read a book once and remember what you’ve read.  The other thing that you are going to be able to do is deliver speeches and presentations without notes or note cards because we all have to give presentations of one form or another.

Sometimes it’s a one on one communication.  Sometime it’s to a group of people.  The next thing we are going to talk about is how to improve your study skills.  So if you are studying for a work related task, if you’re a student in school, and you are preparing for a vocab test, a math test, a history test, etc. we are going to show you how to be better prepared for those things and then we are going to climax the workshop with the most highly sought after area of memory development which is how to instantly recall names and faces.