How to Double Your Sales & Double Your Income

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Brian Tracy

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Often when I’ve done sales consulting with people we will complete the offer, and this is the product offering, and then we’ll say now, “What would be all the reasons a qualified prospect might give for not buying this?”  They’ll write down every objection that you could imagine and then categorize them and then develop a bulletproof answer for each objection that you could get and then answer the objections in the sales process before they come up.  The very best sales process is actually dispose of the objections on the way through so at the end, the prospect has no objections because you’ve already answered them.

Sometimes just finding one major objection and answering that will double your sales.  It’s like, you can go ahead faster by stepping on the gas, or you can go ahead faster by taking your foot off the brakes.  The brakes are the objections that are holding back the sale.  If you just take your foot off the brakes, you can often double your sales.

Here’s another thing that we’ve discovered in psychology today, is that there is a direct relationship and association between speed and value.  Often people didn’t even know they wanted it until you offered to do it fast.  Speed and value.  “If you’ll just authorize this, we can get started right away.”  Right away-the words RIGHT AWAY causes customer’s hearts to pump custard.  They feel warm and gushy all over.  They feel happy-offering to do it fast.  So one of the things you do is always offer to do it right away.  “Yes, we can get onto it right away.  We’ll get started right away.”  Whenever you offer to do things right away and a customer who is maybe yes, maybe no, suddenly wants to have it.  We didn’t know we wanted it and now we want it yesterday.  “If you’ll just authorize this, we’ll get started right away.”  If somebody from now on for the rest of your life become known as the person who does things quickly.  If a customer asks you for something you say, “Sure, I’ll do it right away.  I’ll get onto it right away.  I’ll get back to you right away.  I’ll send it over right away.  I’ll send it out right away.”  Always use those words right away.  They think you’re smarter when you do things fast.  They think your product or service is better when you do things fast.  They think it’s worth more money than your competitors when you do things fast.  And all the opposites are true.  If you do things slowly they thing you’re dumber.  They think your company is worse.  They think your product is worse and your prices are not justified, so speed is really important.  That’s how you feel by the way, and that’s how they feel.