How to Say What You Mean & Get What You Want

Running Time: 2 hr 5 min



George Walther

About the Trainer – George Walther George Walther is an acknowledged expert at boosting your communication effectiveness. People who manage, sell, collect past-due accounts, negotiate, serve customers, and seek to project a more positive image, regard his PHONE POWER book, seminars, and audio/video tapes as classic guides. His second book, POWER TALKING , shows people in every walk of life how to be more positive and persuasive, in every conversation. UPSIDE-DOWN MARKETING , his newest... Read More

Your image whether it’s in a job interview or in a selling scenario or in a social meeting is shaped by the words you choose.  I have made it my professional mission to identify and catalog the differences between the word choices of winners and losers and they are marked.  They are very dramatically different.  They fall into nine categories; nine trait areas.  Tonight I am going to explain each of those nine traits to you with illustrative examples and the first is the power talkers. We say people who use language positively; people who are winners.  I am not talking about rich people unless you consider having successful careers, good friends, enjoyment of life, healthy families and probably financial well being that whole thing is what creates wealth in our lives.  Wealthy people and poor people, winners and losers talk differently.

The first trait of winners, the first language trait, is that they project positive expectations.  They let you know that working with them is going to be a positive experience.  Absolutely I want to enjoy our evening together here today and I want it to be an investment.  I want the time that you invest in here, the energy that you put into this program,  to give you a tremendous reward, a payback because you will be able to use it not just tomorrow at work, you’ll be able to use it tonight with your family.  You’ll be able to use it in your friendships as well as your professional relationships.  Power talkers are people who project positive expectations.  They say what they can do not what they can’t.  They talk about how they want to enjoy and invest their time not spend their time.  They talk about what they will be glad to do not what they will have to do.