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STEP UP, LEAD AND BE THE ONE! Training Video • Seminars On Demand


How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas to Create Positive Change

Running Time: 1:17



Jonathan Sprinkles

About the Trainer – Jonathan Sprinkles Jonathan Sprinkles is an award winning speaker and business strategist. For more than 10 years, Jonathan has been delivering programs on personal and professional leadership that have gotten him featured on ABC, Fox News, Headline News, and In addition, he was voted National Speaker of the Year by the APCA, and Mentor of the Year by the Disney Dreamers Academy. As author of several books and articles, including Take Your Leadership to the... Read More

Write this down. In order to go from where you are to where you want to be… In order to go from where you are to where you want to be, you have to grow from how you are to how you ought be. In order to go from where you are to where you want to be, you have to grow from how you are to how you ought to be.

Folks, I’m not here to revel in our excuses, I’m not here to revel all of the negative things that we’re hearing about all the cussing and fussing and fighting going on. I’m not here to revel in the national disasters.

I’m not here to talk about the economy, because understand, folks, that no matter where you are in your life, that it is possible that no matter what change you’ve put here to create in this world, that it only takes one. And if it only takes one person, I challenge somebody tonight to be that one.

I challenge somebody tonight to step up in the places where you used to sit down. I challenge somebody to speak in those places where you used to be quite. I challenge somebody to say something instead of just walking by saying, “You know, somebody ought to do something about that.”

Tonight I’m here to celebrate the best parts of you. Tonight I’m here to celebrate the champion in you. I’m here to celebrate everything that has brought you to this place right now, and I’m challenging you to make a decision. I’m challenging you to make a decision in your favor, to make the decision to say, “I promise me and me only ,that the rest of my life would be the best of my life.” Because ultimately, nobody would be able to it for you. I can inspire you, I can motivate you, I can give you all….
You know, a lot of times we look at our circumstances and we fail to see the thing behind the thing; we only see it for what it is.

How many of have ever been in that situation or have been through a couple of situations in your lives where you didn’t like it when it happened, but now I’m so glad it went down the way it did. You couldn’t stand the fact that you were “stuck there.” You look and say, “Why me?” but when you look back and you see all thing things you gotten from it you say, “I’m so glad it happened. Why not me?”

See, the circumstances are not there to curse you, they’re actually there to bless you. They’re not there to hurt you, they’re there to strengthen you. How many of you of you have ever worked out before? I didn’t say recently.

Now when you’re working out, are you building muscle at that time? No, you’re actually tearing the muscle down. But as you continue to work out, your brain does a scan over your muscles every single day, and you realize that you’re missing a layer muscle and your brain will provide another layer of muscle, and every single day, every single rep, every single set that you do, you get another layer another layer and other layer until you get stronger and stronger and stronger and you look a whole lot better too.
What am I saying? It’s the breakdowns in life that create build up and your build up is what allows you to get your break through. See if times are tougher than they’ve ever been, that might mean that you’re closer than you’ve ever been. So you’ve got to see the whole situation for what it is. You can’t just say, “This is what’s happening to me,” you have to say, “This is something that is being deposited in me,” because in every single situation, every time that you’ve gone through something, every time where you’ve had a negative or what seemed to be a negative situation, one of two things happen. Either something was being deposited…

But in America, listen to this. In America, get ready to write. In America, it doesn’t matter where you start, the only thing that matters is where you choose to finish.

I don’t know about you folks, but that stuck with me. That changed me. That got rid of all my excuses. That got rid of everything that I used to believe about what I could do and what I couldn’t do. Because if somebody could come over here who didn’t know the language, didn’t know the country, did know about how we do business, but could come over here and literally change his life and his family’s life and their future forever, then what my excuse, someone who was born in the US, who had a great education and have every opportunity put in front of me.