Sales, Marketing & Leadership Tactics for Gaining the Competitive Edge

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Brian Tracy

About the Trainer – Brian Tracy Brian Tracy is one of America’s leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward peak performance and high levels of achievement. Originally from Canada, Brian started on his own “road to success” in his twenties when he left Canada to travel across the world. Brian believes in taking human potential to a... Read More

Now all of these come together to form the principle of the objective.  You know exactly who you are.  You know exactly what you want.  You know exactly the steps that you are going to take and then you can launch.  The more time you spend thinking with great clarity and thinking through the consequences, the better plans you will have and the faster results you will get sooner.  In my estimation, fully 95% of your success will be determined by how clear you are about who you are inside and what you want on the outside.  So you have to ask this question, what is my competitive advantage right now, in terms of what I do for my customers?  What my product or service does for my customers and then what will it be in the future if nothing changes with basic current moment the way the market is changing.  Here are the two great questions─what could it be?  What could my area of superiority be and what should it be?  If I wanted to lead my field, to be the best in the business what area, what advantage should my product or service give my customers?  Sometimes we call this your area of excellence.  So these are really the keys to selling a lot.  To first of all specialize and be clear in what area you specialize.  Second of all, differentiate and clear what it is that you do that makes you superior to your competitors.  If you don’t have it, find out what it is that you can develop.  Third of all, to segment, to identify the perfect customers for what you do better than you competitors, and then finally, to concentrate single minded just on those customers.  Advertise just on those publications.

We used to advertise one of our businesses in six magazines.  They were all similar and they all went out to business people and then we analyzed the number of new customers we actually got per ad, per insertion.  We found that we got 10 times as many actual customers from ads in one magazine as we did from all the other five put together.  But all of the ads cost the same.  So what we did is we just eliminated advertising in those five publications and increased our advertising in the one publication and our business went through the roof because we had found the place where the people that we could most ideally sell to read and were most likely to respond.  One little change like that, by the way, could transform your business.  It’s interesting, psychologists determined many years ago that failure to complete a task causes stress.  It’s called the Principle of the Incomplete Action.  Be it halfway through a task causes stress.  Being three-quarters of the way through a task─a task that you must get done that’s not complete.  So therefore you find─and this is often called an “Open Loop.”  An open look is a task that you’ve begun.  You’ve begun the loop, but you haven’t completed it.  So by completing your important task; the things that you’ve been putting off and procrastinated on for a long time─by completing your important tasks, you close the loop and you immediately get a jolt of energy.  Your brain releases endorphins, which gives you a feeling of elation, energy, and enthusiasm and raises your self-esteem.  The point is this, if you start with your most important task and work on it single-handedly until it’s complete and you do this first thing in the morning, it will be like being shot from a cannon.  All day long you’ll be functioning at a new higher level.  You’ll be functioning in what (inaudible) at the University of Chicago calls flow.  You’ll be flying all day.  You’ll be more positive.  You’ll have more energy.  You’ll be more creative.  You’ll be more exhilarated.  You’ll be more optimistic.  You’ll be more influential and persuasive with other people.  You’ll be more personable.

By starting a major task first thing in the morning, and completing that task first thing before you do anything else, you’ll start your day off in tremendous shape and you’ll get two or three times more done that day than you would on a day where you started off reading the paper, clearing up your emails and dragging through low-value and no-value tasks that give you no bang for your buck.