Outside the Box Thinking for Big Results

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Jeff Slutsky

About the Trainer – Jeff Slutsky Jeff Slutsky is a sales and marketing guru, accomplished author, and captivating speaker. His Street Fighting program has received a great deal of national media attention. In fact, Jeff Slutsky’s work has been discussed and written about in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Success Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and CNN. In addition to having authored ten powerful books, he is a contributing author to the bestselling book, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work.... Read More

My buddy’s got this very fast sports car.  I mean I’m afraid to drive in it with him let alone drive it.  He’s, take the car.  Have a good time.  There’s a full tank of gas.  Get on the highway, floor it, feel the power.  I’m on Highway 70, I go past our bypass and I look around and there’s nobody around so, I’m okay I’m going to floor it.  I get the shock of my life.  This squealing sound is killing my ears, black smokes flying out the back, I’m shoved back in the seat like someone hit me in the chest with a sledgehammer.  This car explodes forward like a rocket ship and a big smile forms on my face.  I have never experienced power like this.  My heart’s pounding.  I’m starting to fantasize.  I’m in a F-16.  I am shooting people down.  I go into a Star Trek fantasy.  I need more power, Scottie.  I cannot help you, Captain.  And now people are starting to get in my way.  I have to maneuver around them and I am passing people left and right and I am waving at them.  They’re gesturing back.  I decide right then.  I am going to buy a car just like this one. First thing these guys do when they came out to show me the car, some guy in a plaid polyester sport coat comes out, pops the hood, and shows me the engine.  And that’s all they talk about overhead things, injection things and liters and I am lost, I don’t care about that stuff.  All I want from this car is to go fast and look cool.  It’s the job of the sales person to make this decision easy for me. They are not doing their job.  They’re making it difficult.  They are not selling me what I want to buy.  They’re trying to sell me an engine and I keep shopping around.  This goes on for a month.  Saturday afternoon I go to this one dealership closest to my house.  The sales manager recognizes me.  He comes over and says, “Can I ask you a question?”  I go sure what’s on your mind.  “I’ve seen you in here, what three or four times talking to one of my guys.  What is it about this car that keeps you coming back?”  Well, I got kind of excited and said, “You know I’ve got a buddy who’s got a car just like this one and it was fast and it handled right and it was fast and it was so much fun to drive.  It was fast, stereo and it was fast.”  People were staring at me. “It was fast”.  The guy asked another question, “ Do you like to drive fast?”  “Ooh-ooh yeah.”  “Was it real fast?” I go, “Real fast.”  Now he’s asking all these questions.  I am getting more excited and he says, “Can you keep a secret?” I go sure.  “The car you are looking at.  I took it out the other day.  Took it out on Highway 70, punched it.  Guess how fast I was going ?” “How fast?”  He goes, “ 106. Then I shifted into second.  I want to show you something.”  Guides me through a set of double doors off to the side into this mini showroom with like a break room.  One car in this little room.  Same exact car I’m looking at.  Gives me a big smile and says, “ 3,000 dollars more.” Now I don’t know how much this one is yet but this one is 3000 dollars more.  I want to know why.  Takes me to a little sticker on the left hand side, turbo.  “What does it do?” He said, “I don’t know but you go faster and you look cooler.” “I want it!”  This guy not only got the sale, he got a fairly significant add on the sale.  Why?  Why did he do that the other guys didn’t do?  Showed me what I wanted, listened, asked questions.