• Learn key power phrases and avoid common, costly danger phrases
  • Develop simple persuasion techniques for overcoming objections
  • Discover navigational phrases to effectively “steer” conversations
  • Prepare yourself to be ready in any situation by using visual reminders
  • Master lead-in lines and closing lines that empower your message


The quality of your communication skills ultimately determines the quality of your life. Whether you are communicating one-on-one or with a group, the ability to know exactly what to say, and when to say it can be invaluable! In this practical seminar, loaded with easy-to-use techniques, you’ll gain the know-how to respond and communicate tactfully in any situation. Armed with this toolbox full of skills, you’ll close more deals, communicate more persuasively, and successfully navigate critical conversations from the start. Whether you need influential power phrases or a more effective lead-in line, this program covers the most important components of communication forsaking your personal and professional relationships to the next level.

Dan O’Connor

About the Trainer – Dan O’Connor Dan O’ Connor is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, trainer and communications skills expert. Fluent in both Spanish and English, he specializes in delivering precision communication tactics and diversity programs that arm people with the tools they need for nearly any situation. Through his corporate programs, public seminars, and association conferences, Dan O’Connor has trained tens of thousands of professionals throughout the US and... Read More