How to Boost Productivity, Lower Stress and Understand People Better Than Ever

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Christine Cashen

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I think half of the fun in ‘Fun Factor’ is also learning how to communicate with people the right way. You know we teach people how to treat us. By the way we communicate – did you know this? Oh yeah, it’s like the person that comes running by your desk yelling, “The copier’s jammed, the copier’s jammed.” You jump up – the copier’s jammed, dunt-da-duh. I can fix it, that’s what I do, I fix everything around here. You show them how to unjam the copier. You do this and hit it with your hips. Are they paying attention? No, they’re like, “They’re fixin’ it, whew, they’re fixin’ it,” and you become the copier repair person. You come home after a rough day, the house is a mess. “You’d better start picking up after yourself young lady. I work hard all day long; I don’t have time to pick up after you. And what do they hear; “Whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp,” they’re picking it up – BONUS! We teach people how to treat us. Most of us are not the victims, we’re the volunteers. We’re the volunteers and we wonder why… Bring on the fun yourself. And sometimes it doesn’t have be the person with all the energy and excitement. Maybe it’s just the way you approach people. When you meet people don’t say the first thing, “Hey, how are you doing? Hi. So what do you do?” Why do we care so much? People are so much more than what they do for a living and if you don’t do something that’s very exciting, it can be a real buzz kill to the conversation. I did a job for the IRS. They never tell people what the do because people run. Well, my name, I said it was Bob. No, no, it’s Steve. “I’m an accountant.” “Oh great, welcome to the party.” I know some fun accountants but when people here that it’s like, oh you just make judgments about that person that may or may not be true. Instead when you meet people don’t ask what do you do for a living; ask them what they like to do for fun. It’s a much better question to ask than what they do, especially if they’re unemployed right now or they’re going through some issues at work… Moving on to task. The why people need to know the why even if it’s none of their business. In fact, especially if it’s none of their business, they need to know the why. How people need the details. I’m a why what combo married to the how. I can say, “Honey guess what; I’m speaking in Vegas, let’s go.” He’ll look at me, “Well when is it? How much are the tickets? Who’s going to watch the kids, whose going to watch the dog? Where are we staying? Can I golf? Can I golf everyday? Can we stay in golf?” I don’t know the answer to any of these questions. I’m like, “Are you in or out? I don’t know, are you coming?” He doesn’t say anything he just starts to twitch. “She doesn’t know the details.” It doesn’t compute, really. When I want to get my husband in a romantic mood I say, “Honey, would you make me an Excel spreadsheet? Ah, I didn’t mean to make you sweat. Are you all right honey? I’m sure it’s the lights isn’t it?” So it’s speaking in other people’s language and of course it’s how we say thing right, it can either be passive… Do you ever make your to do lists? Do you still make the lists? Any list makers? Do you get to the end of your day and you didn’t do anything on your list but you were crazy busy. And do you do what I do; you write down what you did do so you can cross something off? Anybody? Yes. Oh yeah, no I did things. That feeling of accomplishment that I can do.