5 Core Traits for Creating a Happy, Successful, Meaningful Life
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  • Learn why lasting happiness is impossible without integrity
  • Discover how to nurture relationships that create happiness
  • Find meaning in the gradual achievement of worthy goals
  • Learn how devotion to a noble cause brings you joy
  • Realize how your attitude is the most important ingredient


The danger of passion-induced work is its appetite for consuming all of life. Whether motivated by obsession or necessity, the driven worker is in jeopardy of losing family, integrity, health, and happiness. By internalizing the five core values of character (maintaining absolute integrity), intimacy (nurturing meaningful relationships with the right people), achievement (making steady progress toward goals that are important to you), positivity (demanding a positive outlook on life), and purpose (devoting energies to a worthwhile or noble cause), you will harness the power of an integrated life and move beyond survival to success and balance. You will discover how to pursue work passionately while maintaining the joy of your work and personal life. Billy Riggs will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride that will help you prevent burnout, combat negativity, and live a life with no regrets. The core messages learned will likely influence the decisions you make for the rest of your life.

Author and motivator Billy Riggs was voted one of America’s Top Five Most Entertaining Speakers in a 2014 nationwide poll. Billy is a master orator who moves audiences to action with his message of hope and inspiration. Awarded the prestigious CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation in 2002, Billy’s skill as a professional speaker has been perfected over nearly 4 decades. Through television, radio, books, videos, and live keynote speeches Billy continues to spread his message and more than a million people on five continents have benefited from his work. Billy starred in his own television special, “The Magic of Attitude,” which also featured his skills as a professional illusionist. His quick hands and quicker wit spread laughter and raise morale as listeners learn to create happiness and meaning in their own lives. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and son.

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