The term ‘success in life’ refers to a feeling of contentment with one’s accomplishments. From maintaining a happy marriage to climbing up the corporate ladder, it is very important for everyone to have ‘success in life’ in order to be happy and fulfilled. If a person feels that they haven’t accomplished anything meaningful, then they will feel like they have merely wasted their life. Some people are more sensitive to accomplishment than others. If they feel that they haven’t reached their goals by a certain age, then they feel like a failure.  This can lead to depression and in some rare cases may result in suicide. This is why it is extremely important to set goals and work hard toward achieving them.

Generally, there are several important accomplishments that most people target in order to feel like they have attained ‘success in life:

  • Educational Goals
  • Career Success
  • Companionship
  • Stress Management

Most people don’t want to graduate from high school and settle for just any low-paying job that happens to come along. This makes a person feel like there is no ‘success in life’ and they ultimately won’t be happy with themselves. Many know, even before they graduate high school, that they want to be accountants, doctors or lawyers. They are highly focused on graduating with decent grades and getting accepted into the college of their choice. They see the perfect job waiting for them at the end of successful college education. Unfortunately, it isn’t always so easy to attend college and get the education that they would like. Sometimes there are obstacles that prevent people from doing what they plan and make them believe that they will never attain ‘success in life’. An individual must have a sufficient amount of drive to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way.

Even after graduating from college and finding employment a person can feel like they are unsuccessful.  For example, if they are unable to obtain a certain promotion many will feel like there is no ‘success in life.’ Once again, it is important for these individuals to focus on overcoming the obstacles that limited their success. By knocking down these roadblocks the person will be prepared for the next available opportunity and will feel like they have some control over their success in life.

Many people feel that no matter how successful they are in other areas of their life, real ‘success in life’ is not possible if they are without a life partner. These people usually function better with a companion to help keep them motivated and satisfied. They’re happier with a spouse and kids that make them feel needed and complete.

Finally, if a person is always stressed-out, exhausted and irritable it is difficult for them to truly be happy with their lives. Under these conditions there can be no real ‘success in life’. By practicing active stress management a person and gain control of their life and begin to enjoy themselves.  Stress management is easy and doesn’t even have to involve money. Sure, relaxing spa massages and exotic vacations are a splendid way to relax, but they aren’t necessary. The same results can be achieved by simply taking relaxing walks, spending quality time with family and having daily ‘alone’ time to gather one’s thoughts.

Success in life doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to achieve. All it takes is a little motivation and a lot of hard work and a person will feel that they have achieved ‘success in life’.

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