Blaine Athorn

Blaine Athorn is one of America’s foremost memory training speakers. As president and founder of The Memory Training Institute, Blaine has been teaching professionals, as well as students, how to use their minds more efficiently to instantly recall names, dates, ideas, and other important information with success. Equipped with these critical thinking and learning skills, people experience greater focus, enhanced memories, more creative thinking in general, and the ability to remember practically anything. In addition to being a top speaker, Blaine Athorn is the author of “Name Power” and co-author of “The Student Success System”, two highly acclaimed audio programs for improving memory. Blaine has also earned the prestigious “Consummate Speaker of the Year” award from Nightingale Conant.Blaine spends a good deal of time designing and conducting training programs for corporations and organizations on topics including memory, sales skills, and positive thinking. He has also developed educational programs for students of all ages. Thousands have applied these learning and success skills to increase their grades, self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning. Blaine and his wife live in Connecticut, where he oversees the day to day operations of The Memory Training Institute.

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