Ed Foreman

Every day, Ed Foreman lives the message of health, wealth and happiness he teaches around the world. As a dynamic business entrepreneur and active civic leader, Ed has developed numerous programs and products and persuasively “sells” the success formula he lives by.

Ed was born on a farm in New Mexico, and made his first million by the time he was 26. He was elected to Congress at the age of 28, and is the only person in the 20th century to have been elected to the U.S. Congress from two different states. He has enjoyed a close working relationship with five U.S. Presidents and served as a presidential appointee in two national administrations.

In addition to his success in an active civic career, Ed has built a financially successful business career in construction, transportation, and petroleum development. Serving corporate America for more than 40 years, Ed has been a full-time management consultant and professional speaker. He is often found consulting with corporations and associations across America and conducting his highly acclaimed motivational and sales training seminars. And with Ed’s own unique sense of humor added to the mix, participants can’t help but have fun.

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