Jeff Tobe

Jeff is one of the most dynamic speakers in the world, as attested to by clients including PNC Bank, Microsoft, RE/MAX International, Erickson Living, The Dubai Water Authority and Pepsi Cola International.

Jeff is the author of the wildly popular book, Coloring Outside the Lines and co-author of ANTICIPATE: Knowing What Customers Need Before They Do! His new on-line Associate of Customer Experience (ACX) certification course is taking the CX world by storm.

Over 20 years as a speaker, trainer, and business consultant has given Jeff the experience to apply best practices from leading companies to improve the customer experience across a wide range of industries.

Whether you’re an accountant, an HR professional, a retailer, or a doctor, you share one marketing imperative: If you truly want to focus on your customer, you must see your business as your customer sees it. Jeff helps employees and employers put on their “customer glasses” to create meaningful change.

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