How to Achieve Great Success in Sales and Life
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  • Enhance every area of your life with a positive attitude
  • Increase success through the power of personal growth
  • Gain the advantage through service excellence
  • Embrace change and unleash your full potential
  • Communicate with clarity for exceptional teamwork


Winners think differently than losers. They possess certain qualities that separate them from the masses, including a strong positive mental attitude, specialized knowledge, and a commitment to excellence. They also understand that change is part of the success process, and the ability to embrace it, and grow from it, is a sign of greatness.

Using real-life stories from his own experiences, and those of others, award-winning motivational speaker Willie Jolley shares powerful success principles that can make the difference between mediocrity and greatness. He explores a variety of areas including leadership, positive attitude, persistence, teamwork, customer service, change management, building your desire, and more.

In 1999 Willie Jolley was named “One of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World” by Toastmasters International. Less than 50 speakers worldwide have been bestowed that honor! Former winners include Nelson Mandela, Christopher Reeve, Margaret Thatcher and Colin Powell! In the same year Toastmasters also named him the “Motivational/Inspirational Speaker Of The Year!”

Willie Jolley holds the two top designations that the National Speakers Associations bestows to the best of the best! The first designation is the CPAE/ Speaker Hall of Fame Award, which is a lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalism. In winning this award, Willie Jolley joins luminaries like Ronald Reagan, Zig Ziglar, Harvey McKay and Les Brown. The other designation is the CSP, which is the Certified Speaking Profession designation, which is an earned honor for being a speaker who has made his mark on the speaking industry with presentations to a wide range of groups and audiences. Plus in 2003, the McDonald’s Corporation named him “A Black History Maker of Today!”

Willie Jolley is a graduate of The American University and Wesley Theological Seminary. His mission in life is to help people maximize their God given talents and abilities so they can Do More, Be More and Achieve More!

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Your circumstances should never determine your attitude.  That should be your choice.  I am encouraging you to make a choice.  Leadership development, changed management.  See change not as an enemy, but as an ally.  The third part of the 5-steps is teambuilding and creating a team that thinks like a team, works like a team, and wins like a team.  If you want to really take it to the next level, you are going to have to have a team mindset. It’s about seeing change not as an enemy, but as an ally.  Whenever you have change, you are going to have challenge.  In fact, it is a struggle to change, but don’t let struggle stop you.  I love this story in a book about a little going through a forest.  He comes upon an Emperor moth struggling to make the transformation from a moth to a butterfly.  He looks at the struggles to get through the small opening of the cocoon.  An hour goes by ─ two hours, finally, he takes a penknife, cuts a slit in the cocoon and out fall this bug.  It’s neither a moth, nor a butterfly.  It has a big bloated body and small-shriveled underdeveloped wings.  He looks at it as it lies there on the ground.  “Fly, fly, you’re supposed to fly,” but it could not fly because its wings were underdeveloped.  He goes to get his grandfather.  “Grandfather, grandfather, come, come, come.  Why won’t it fly?”  He said, “What did you do?”  He said, “I cut a slit to make it easy so it wouldn’t have to struggle.”  He said, “Oh, my son that’s where the mistake was made.  It is in that process of going through that small opening and forcing its big body through the small opening that forces the fluid out of the body into the wings.  Without forcing that fluid out of the body into the wings, the wings will never develop.  Without developed wings, that butterfly cannot fly and a butterfly that cannot fly will never survive in the wilderness.” The moral of the story ladies and gentleman, is that life and flight are in the struggle.  You must struggle.  It’s how we grow.  How many of you have children? Attitude─we’ve talked about attitude of excellence.  Aptitude that you make a commitment to get better, but then it comes down to your appetite.  Your appetite.  How bad to do you want it?  How bad do you want to win?  How bad to you want to make it happen?