How to Gain the Attention You Need to Succeed in Any Economy

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Grant Cardone

About the Trainer – Grant Cardone Grant Cardone, is an internationally sought-after motivational speaker, sales trainer, and New York Times best-selling author. Over the past 25 years, he has positively affected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. As a TV personality, Grant Cardone was the star of the reality show TurnAround King featured on National Geographic. He is also a regular contributor on Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN. As an author, Grant Cardone has written numerous... Read More

Why would I want to water a rose when I’ve got a full bloom on it and say, oh, let’s water it some more; why would I do that? Because it would be a smart thing to do, would you agree, to continue to grow? If you’re selling and you’re doing well, the smart thing to do is like let me throw water, fuel, food; let me throw something at my customers to keep their attention. So that’s what I want to talk to you about today, like sales, and I want to talk about the concept of dominating your sector, not competing in it. I’m not interested in competition. How many of you have been taught competition is a healthy thing? How many of you were taught that? For who? It’s only healthy for a consumer… Always bring the buyer to a proposal. There’s a major, major mistake of selling. People don’t bring people to proposals. They don’t bring them all the way to a proposal, okay. They talk, they sell, they pitch, they show the product, and then they don’t say, “Come on inside. Let me get you some numbers.” We just did a mystery shop program for a company that’s got, you know, they’ve got probably 6,000 locations around the United States. We shopped 500 of them. We went into their company under camera, recorded it, and said, “Hey, this is the experience that we had in these companies.” Seventy percent of the places that we visited, recorded on camera, the salesperson was nice, presented us the product, and never presented us a proposal. How can you close a transaction without a proposal? It’s impossible. A proposal is a contract, okay, not a blank sheet of paper. This is what we do. This is the price. These are the payments. This is the terms. This is the conditions. If the client’s not ready for that yet, what should you do? Offer terms. This is the price. This is the terms. These are the payments, okay. “We’re not going to buy it for three months.” “We’re not buying it for three years.” This is the price. This is the terms. Dude, you want to present a proposal every time, every buyer, no matter what. “We’re going to 16 other places when we leave here.” Excellent, this is our price. This is our terms. This is our proposal. Why? Because some people might become buyers out of that. “Let me see that again. Whoa, let’s see. You got any room right here?” You with me? I want to be in the game. I did a presentation at Smart Info Group. They said, “How much is your product?” Literally, the price was out of my mouth in fractions of a second. “It’s this much money times this many places times this many months. It requires this commitment, okay.” It’s out that quick. Why would I? The only reason you wouldn’t want to bring price up is because you’re not feeling good about it, okay. Price sells nothing, never has, never will. There can only be one lowest cost provider in any given market. There can only be one lowest cost provider for any product or service in any given market. I’m going to tell you it is the most dangerous tightrope to walk is trying to be the lowest price. The second half today I’m going to talk to you about how to dominate, literally cover up your marketplace where nobody can compete with you. I don’t want to compete. I want to dominate. I literally want to play unfair. Unethical, highly ethical, I don’t play fair ever. Okay, I don’t want to drive with the pack. I don’t want to ride with the pack, okay. Competition is an unhealthy thing. It’s a terrible thing. It’s terrible. It’s a sin to compete. You don’t want to compete. You want to dominate, own a sector, okay. A police officer pulls me over. “You were speeding.” “Yes, sir, I know that. I knew that three miles before I ran into you.” First rule of selling, what is it? Always, always, always agree with your client, okay. I have a customer now. He’s called a policeman. He says, “Man, you’re speeding.” “Sir, I knew that three miles before you pulled me over. Did you get me when I was topping out? Did you get me when I was really hammering down, man? This is a new car, dude. I’ve been trying for three days not to speed in it, and today it just took me over, man, okay? Did you clock me at 140?” He says, “No, man. I got you at 112.” “Dude, you should’ve seen me a mile before that. I was frickin’ hitting it, dog. I’ve been trying not to. I couldn’t help it.” You see, his job now is to give me a ticket. “Man, you were speeding.” “I know that. I know I was speeding, man.” “Why’re you going so fast?” “Dude, I was driving around with these other people. These people are crazy. I had to get out in front of them. I don’t want to ride with them, man. I’d rather get a ticket.” Because that’s the middle of the pack, right? You want to get out in front, or you want to get a driver, one of the two. I want to get out in front; would you agree? I want to get out in front of the traffic. So what if you get a speeding ticket. What if you’re going the wrong direction, but you’re going fast? At least you find out sooner. Go fast, baby. Go fast, man. You want to go fast. Speed is power. You want to go as fast as you can at any object…