Transformational leadership describes a special tactic used by professional speakers or business trainers that entices their audience to see a more promising view of the future. The professional speaker or trainer gives the audience such a vivid idea of the future that the audience actually feels like they can envision happily and successfully applying new training skills in the future and having dynamic results. The speaker is essentially ‘transforming’ the audience to believe in a brighter, more productive future, which is the speaker’s goal. Some say that experts in transformational leadership don’t necessarily try to ‘transform’ their audience, but are actually allowing their audience to clearly see their internal potential and unleash this potential for success.

Transformational leadership is something that takes a great deal of skill to carry out, well beyond that of the average speaker. No speaker can master the skill of transformational leadership after one or two training sessions, it is something that takes considerable training and practice before it can be used consistently and effectively. Training in the art of transformational leadership can be obtained by attending seminars and other special classes that teach the skill. Some individuals may also choose to teach themselves by utilizing the highly effective method of seminars on DVD. This method of training allows trainees to learn at their own pace.  Given the difficulty involved in mastering this skill of transformational leadership, the seminars on DVD may be a superior learning medium due to the students ability to repeatedly review the material. In the end, the best method of training will depend on the individual. Some are able to master the transformation leadership skill in a relatively short period of time, while others require more extensive training.

Transformational leadership is also an extremely useful tactic in sales.  If a prospective customer has stated their disinterest in a certain product that is being marketed, an expert salesperson with a background in transformational leadership has a high probability of changing the hesitant customer’s mind. By the end of the sales demonstration, the customer can potentially go from total disinterest in a product to becoming so highly enthusiastic about it that they can’t wait to complete their purchase so they can put the product to use. This is the kind of impact that transformational leadership can have when put to proper use. Obviously, some customers are difficult to convince and will be not always be influenced by the practice of transformational leadership, in spite of the talent of the salesperson.  Fortunately a large percentage of people are very receptive to the practice and can be swayed by a skilled salesperson.

Transformational leadership is an excellent way for companies to ensure that their employees are retaining information that will help them to perform their jobs better. Transformational leadership is also a great way for a sales business to boost the sales of their products. While it may be a lengthy process to properly train a salesperson well enough to achieve the desired results, it is often well worth the effort in the end. Once the company witnesses how well this tactic works in their overall sales strategy, they won’t regret their decision.

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