Key One – Focus on it. What do you truly want to accomplish? Write down the positive goal or outcome you desire — not what you want to get rid of or want to change. Writing a goal to lose weight is focusing on excess weight. You need to reframe the goal as a positive. Remember focus equals reality. Focus only on the exciting and rewarding outcomes you want.

Key Two – See it. Can you see yourself enjoying the reward? Write down all the positive results you will experience when you achieve the goal. Many people have a goal to earn more money — this won’t help you achieve lasting success. Do you really want pieces of paper with dead presidents on it? No! You want the benefits money can help you attain. Focus instead on that exotic vacation, the beautiful car or your child’s smile as they play in the backyard of your new dream home.

Read that written payoff and see it every day.

Key Three – Feel it. What would it feel like to live that result? As you visualize that accomplishment, you also need to feel the way you would if you had it now. People think their feelings are caused by their current circumstances — the opposite is true. The power is in the feeling. The excitement, joy or gratitude you experience is the key. Our feelings cause our results!

Two years ago, a dear friend called me about her inability to accomplish an important personal goal. As she explained her goal, she continued to elaborate on the “situation she wanted to get rid of.” She was so focused on the negative she was energizing the very thing she didn’t want!

I encouraged her to step back from the negative and to reframe her goal by focusing on the positive outcome she desired. Then she wrote all of the positive and exciting benefits she would have by achieving her goal.

As we sat together, I could see her eyes come to life as she saw and truly felt that successful outcome. Within a few months, she accomplished that goal and changed her life!

You can achieve your business objectives and personal goals — create positive focus and positive goals!

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