One Idea Plan

Unlock a portal of innovative ideas to take your team to the next level.

Keep it as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1:  Each team member completes one Seminars On Demand eLearning course each month.

Step 2: Team members submit their best ideas to leadership and how they will use them to increase productivity.

Step 3: The team collaborates (virtually or in person) each month to discuss the best ideas, Leadership asks team members with the best ideas to share with the group.

Repeat this 3-step plan monthly to boost productivity, increase motivation, and create a new energy around the idea of continuous learning.

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One of the steppingstones to a world-class operation is to tap into the intellectual power of each and every employee

Harold Poling – Former chairman and CEO of Ford Motor Company

I’ve been in management for 15 years and only wish I had learned some of these ideas sooner…Great content!

Mark Reimer

Every seminar I’ve watched so far has delivered at least one great idea! Totally worth the small investment…

Mary Fawkner

The seminars are exciting, fun to watch, and really informative! I’ve never seen content like this anywhere else…

Samarian Hill

The videos are well crafted. On most PD websites the content is valuable, but the videos themselves are not well produced. These videos are high energy, packed full of thought provoking information and meet high production standards for online media.

Carol Paul, Curriculum Director at Summit Academy Schools

Very impressed with these seminars. I know they're going to help me increase sales this year, probably by a lot!

John Cooper

Many of us in customer service believe we know everything, however, these videos reminded us of the fundamentals…

Monique Goode

We watch and talk about these programs as a team every month, and the benefits are huge!

Holly Morgan

As a busy entrepreneur, Seminars On Demand has become my “go-to” resource for easy access to ongoing training…

Lisa Bell