In just about every profession public speaking is often a necessity. For most people who haven’t had much public speaking experience, the thought of speaking in front of a group of people may make them cringe. What these people don’t realize, though, is that once they are actually in front of the group giving the speech, their nervousness should dissipate, or at least decrease. There are several things that the speaker has to remember in order for the public speaking experience to go as smoothly as possible.

First of all, before a person can give a successful speech, he or she needs to be properly prepared. If the person hasn’t thoroughly researched the topic of the speech and doesn’t know much about it, then the public speaking experience could possibly be disastrous.

By ensuring that the speech material has been carefully written and prepared, anyone giving a speech will feel a lot more confident  Having confidence in oneself during public speaking is imperative to having a positive outcome. If the speaker feels like they will perform well, then their performance will most likely be successful.

Additionally, the old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ applies in many situations, especially public speaking. It is an extremely good idea for anyone planning on giving a speech publicly to practice aloud until they feel comfortable. It could be quite embarrassing for a person to get in front of an audience and start reading a speech that contains unfamiliar material. Even if the speaker wrote the material himself but did not memorize it, it can appear to be foreign material.  This is even more possible if a severe case of nervousness sets in. Everyone knows that when someone is nervous, their mind has a good chance of going blank, especially during a public speaking experience.

Practicing will enable the person to memorize the speech so that it will appear less like he or she is reading it. Speeches weren’t meant to be read, but instead they should be memorized and presented with confidence and vigor. The monotone of one’s voice while reading a speech word-for-word is sure to bore any audience. Although the actual written speech can be referred to from time to time, the speaker needs to make eye contact with their audience and this can’t be achieved if their eyes are on the text during the entire affair. Practicing in front of the mirror, or friends and family members, is a good idea. It gives the person the opportunity to experience how it feels to give a speech for an audience, even if it’s only the reflection of the person with the impending public speaking event.

Even those who are veterans at public speaking sometimes experience bouts of anxiety prior to giving a speech. To avoid anxiety during a public speaking event, the speaker needs to prepare thoroughly in advance by carefully writing the speech, practicing it in depth, memorizing it, and finally relaxing before getting behind the podium. If all of these tips are remembered, then the person is sure to give a very successful speech.

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