Testimonials from Attendees at the Live Recordings

“During these difficult times I have chosen to travel from NYC to my home town in Sicily (where the Covid-19 effects are very mild) and I am now home in quarantine. I just wanted to let you know that virtually attending the Seminars On Demand sessions is rendering the time of isolation more bearable and productive. I feel entertained, motivated, and informed. Lots of good, solid, original content.”

“I just wanted to say that I am learning some useful, essential, tidbits by listening to speakers talk about branding, sales and staying motivated.”

“I listen to my favorite seminars over and over and over again. It really encourages me and gives me a lot of energy. The most important points stay in my mind and automatically come out when I get in front of a client.”

“Thank you for this incredible value and for offering these programs from my favorite mentor (Brian Tracy). He just announced that he will be cutting way back on his live seminars making these pure GOLD. Each one is like sitting in the audience at one of his seminars. This is the closest thing to seeing Brian Tracy LIVE in person. I was lucky enough to see Brian Tracy LIVE and meet him and tell him how he changed my Life and now with these recordings I’ll be able to see him LIVE for years to come.”

“I’ve been in management for 15 years and only wish I had learned some of these ideas sooner…Great content!”

“Investing in your own business is critical. This is the kind of information that produces results, increased productivity, closes, negotiations, belief in yourself…this information is better than stuff you get in college.”

“I find the seminars to be a great way to stay focused and positive. It really gives you an opportunity to draw your clients in with your positive energy.”

“As a new agent, the information that’s provided about customer service, building customer relationships, and negotiation, hey, that’s much of what real estate involves. These seminars are very complementary to a lot of what we’re learning in Real Estate training in terms of making connections with customers and closing deals.”

“The sessions that I’ve listened to have definitely propelled me… My sales have increased over 100% in the past year! I attribute Seminars On Demand as a big part of that.”

“An organization is only as strong as its members. As a former Dale Carnegie Leadership Instructor, I witnessed significant growth in union members attitudes, teamwork, and quality of life. But, continuous improvement should never end. Daily progress is as important as food, air, and water. That’s why in my opinion, Seminars On Demand is hands down, one the most cost effective, and easy to use tools to keep people learning and organizations growing. Seminars On Demand goes beyond the celebrated Ted Talks. I say this based upon my own experience with Seminars On Demand, and because the quality of the speakers, information, and the ease of absorption truly helps to strengthen each members ability to focus, build practical skills, and find daily inspiration.”

“These videos are high energy, packed full of thought provoking information and meet high production standards for online media.”

“The seminars are exciting, fun to watch, and really informative! I’ve never seen content like this anywhere else.”

“Every seminar I’ve watched so far has delivered at least one great idea! Totally worth the small investment.”

“There is always something in each seminar that I can take and I can use. It literally translates into dollars in my pocket!”

“I use these seminars to motivate and train my team… I can see an immediate impact on their attitude and performance, and have seen significantly higher retention.”